Thursday, January 1, 2009

Magic Of Life

It isnt d Abra-ca-dabra which makes u Happy !!
It isnt d Om kreem tht wipes ur Tears away !!
It isnt any chanting That Brings in spl moments in Life !!!
D magic of Life is Simple !!
It is a One Word Mantra !!
It Brings in Colors To Life !!
A person without this Magic is a dead leaf !!
Yeah d Magic of everyones life lies in this mantra !!
The Mantra of Friendship !!


Yuvi said...

Mandravaadhi abu :P

Sharuks said...

Hey abhi! cool one yaar! :) I never knew you are a poet :)

Bala said...


workhard said...

Oh Nice writing..

Keep writing...

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