Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A wish for my Past !!

We have always been Together
Everything we did together was fun
I thought it was forever !!!

When I was stressed
You knew how to calm me down
You have always made me Smile !!

We wr total strangers
Untill we Became closer
And we wr together !!

But Time flows like river
It became so Complicated
Until realized Tht we wr busy,

Busy with our own stuffs.
I was here,
And you were there !!

But I still believe
We care For Each other as before
But how unfair
Our Frenship slowly fades in air. !!

I wish for the Past

Can our Past eva be our Future ??
I wuld neva wanna surrender
The memories we shared Together !!!

I neva wanted to Miss You
But Now I miss You Like Hell !!

- Aparajitha Rajagopalan

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rain Oh Rain !!

Rain oh Rain !!
Up above the Sky
Here u r on the earth !!

here comes the showers of Blessing !!
Drops of love and hate
Drops of happiness n Love !!

Here u r washing out the streets
and washing out my sorrows !!
I cry with you
for u wash away my tears !!

Rain o Rain !!
With the chill wind and blured Sun
As u bring the clors together
And Joy in my heart !!

Rain o rain
Come again another day
for I need my sorrows washed away !!

- Aparajitha Rajagopalan :)

Inspration : charlie chaplin n the nursery rhyme rain rain go away !!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Favorite Celebrities :D :P

 I Know This Is Gonna Be freakin yo ppl out  :p < cant help it u see ;) >
I was Totally Idle n had nothin to do !! so im here to jus list out stuffs I love ;)
Its my Blog rite !! so its gonna be As stupid as me :P ;)
Go ahead if u r Idle too :P

1. Maah Dad !!

The Most Coolest Person on earth !!! The Best Dad any one culd eva get !! I can betcha !!! :D \o/

2. Maah Mom !!

Love yo sweet heart !!! jus love all those cuddling, huggiiiees n the yummiiie food she makes n yeah all the silly billy fights :D Muaaxx !! shes Awesomly The Best !! >:D< :D \o/

3. Roshini !!
Maah bestest Friend Shez Sucha Sweeto !! Jus Love Each n every Moment I spend with her !!! <3

4. Maah Sissy !!
 I hate her !! :x Oh Gawd Im Lie'ing aint I..?? :P Sooper cool Babe !! Awesomely genius n the best prsn to Fight with :D :P

5. Sidarth !!
he is maaah chweet heart !! love him !! pappu kutti :D :D <3 sidhu pattu kutti muaax >:D< :*

6. Appu, Manju, Asha, Deeptha, Jothi!!
Maah Cutiie Pies !! They r the Best Ppl to be around !!! My Smile is Wider than the widest smile i culd give wen eva Im with these Gurls !! Laughin giggling n the Huggiiees !! Love yo ppl <3 >:D<

7. Samina !!
Aww !! The Best Frenz For Life !!! <3 Love yo gurl :D :)

8. Bharu !!
Shez totally the Best !! <3 love each n everything abt her !!! Total Sweet Heart !!! :D >:D< :)

9. Jagi !!
The Sooper Cool Friend For Life !! he Is totally amazing !! Best Frenz foreva <3 :D >:D<

10. Jeeva !!

Goodie Goddie Boy but not a Good Boy :P Amazingly sweet !! Hilarious to the core !! Best Bro cum Friend !!! :D <3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Music My Life

As the Gentle Breeze goes the gentle Raaga
WIth The Hot Cup of Coffee n "Alaipaiyuthaey Kanna"
flowing into maah ears gently, Brightens up my day !!
As I bathe Listening to "Narumugaiyae"
Freshens me up giving the Glow !!
Wearing my Broad Smile,
As I Listen to "Kathoram Lollaku"
Plugging in my ear phones,
Moving my head rapidly,
As I Listen to "Urvasi Urvasi" Out on the busy Streets !!
humming "Sothanai mel sothanai"
As I listen to the Boring Lectures !!
Ending the Busy Day,singing "Konjum minakalae"
Back Home, Switchin on the media player
Tapping my feet to the beats of "Taxi taxi"
As the Moon Rise High Up in the Sky,
Tuning into mah favorite Radio station,
Singing along "Nila kaigirathu"
And as my Eyes turn red n Tiered,
Humming "annai madi methai adi"
here I sleep Peacefully on the Lap of Music !!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

World's Riches

I am so glad I've Chosen Friends so Dear
I have told this many times over to myself !!
I always wanted to Put my thoughts in verse
As I see You splendidly grow n Blossom like a Rose
Of all the Intangible Assets I posses
You are worth the World's Riches !!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Broken Mirror

There were those happy days,
when we played around,
shared our joy,
cried together;
shared so many secrets.
I neva felt Complete without a day with you !!
neva as happy wen i spent lovely moments with you
now Im incomplete !!!
my tears had a reason
A reason of trust !!!

A broken Mirror !!!