Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Broken Mirror

There were those happy days,
when we played around,
shared our joy,
cried together;
shared so many secrets.
I neva felt Complete without a day with you !!
neva as happy wen i spent lovely moments with you
now Im incomplete !!!
my tears had a reason
A reason of trust !!!

A broken Mirror !!!


Rohit said...

Good one :)

Rohit said...

Not blogging anymore?? :-/,,,, I was followin' yaa bloggy..... :-s.....

Rahul said...

Bunch of chocolates........ post more

Aparajitha Rajagopalan said...

oh yeah wanna post more !! since my brain is under construction the blog remains idle :P :P plz wait :P

workhard said...

Hmm.. seems like ur hurt.. but i hope its not true...

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kalai said...

unexpectable ending :) gud keep it up