Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Favorite Celebrities :D :P

 I Know This Is Gonna Be freakin yo ppl out  :p < cant help it u see ;) >
I was Totally Idle n had nothin to do !! so im here to jus list out stuffs I love ;)
Its my Blog rite !! so its gonna be As stupid as me :P ;)
Go ahead if u r Idle too :P

1. Maah Dad !!

The Most Coolest Person on earth !!! The Best Dad any one culd eva get !! I can betcha !!! :D \o/

2. Maah Mom !!

Love yo sweet heart !!! jus love all those cuddling, huggiiiees n the yummiiie food she makes n yeah all the silly billy fights :D Muaaxx !! shes Awesomly The Best !! >:D< :D \o/

3. Roshini !!
Maah bestest Friend Shez Sucha Sweeto !! Jus Love Each n every Moment I spend with her !!! <3

4. Maah Sissy !!
 I hate her !! :x Oh Gawd Im Lie'ing aint I..?? :P Sooper cool Babe !! Awesomely genius n the best prsn to Fight with :D :P

5. Sidarth !!
he is maaah chweet heart !! love him !! pappu kutti :D :D <3 sidhu pattu kutti muaax >:D< :*

6. Appu, Manju, Asha, Deeptha, Jothi!!
Maah Cutiie Pies !! They r the Best Ppl to be around !!! My Smile is Wider than the widest smile i culd give wen eva Im with these Gurls !! Laughin giggling n the Huggiiees !! Love yo ppl <3 >:D<

7. Samina !!
Aww !! The Best Frenz For Life !!! <3 Love yo gurl :D :)

8. Bharu !!
Shez totally the Best !! <3 love each n everything abt her !!! Total Sweet Heart !!! :D >:D< :)

9. Jagi !!
The Sooper Cool Friend For Life !! he Is totally amazing !! Best Frenz foreva <3 :D >:D<

10. Jeeva !!

Goodie Goddie Boy but not a Good Boy :P Amazingly sweet !! Hilarious to the core !! Best Bro cum Friend !!! :D <3


Samina said...

Love u too sweet heart:) and amazing blog

bhar said...

hey awsome de..;) u dear...:D but sidhhuva mattu enkitta kodthuru...:D

kathir said...

hey this is kathir.just came across u r blog.really i wanna mak one such to my friend,mom ,and dad.wat else sorry if i was wrong inm any way bye

Awed encyst said...

love u loads abudoo!!!!