Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A wish for my Past !!

We have always been Together
Everything we did together was fun
I thought it was forever !!!

When I was stressed
You knew how to calm me down
You have always made me Smile !!

We wr total strangers
Untill we Became closer
And we wr together !!

But Time flows like river
It became so Complicated
Until realized Tht we wr busy,

Busy with our own stuffs.
I was here,
And you were there !!

But I still believe
We care For Each other as before
But how unfair
Our Frenship slowly fades in air. !!

I wish for the Past

Can our Past eva be our Future ??
I wuld neva wanna surrender
The memories we shared Together !!!

I neva wanted to Miss You
But Now I miss You Like Hell !!

- Aparajitha Rajagopalan


hareaswar said...

whenever rain starts my friends torture also starts... gud one di.. kiu:):)

SG said...



if its really written by u , kudoos to u :-)

- Anand

"You need REALEYES - to REALIZE - the REAL LIES"

Abudoo said...

Rahmaniac: Ofcoz yup :) n thnx !!!

prabhu ramakrishnan said...

very innocent one... my english lecturer dhanya baskaran used to say poem is for innocent minds. how true it is... i can feel an innocent friendship in this poem.great one keep writing

ashwin ramachandran said...

A good post with a solid feel!

Jack said...

Wow....An excellent master piece.....!!